Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It was during a white-out storm that I did these sketches of Sara Wheeler writing her book, "Terra Incognita" inside our ice camp hut. (You can see the white through the windows). She wrote about our experiences at Wooville, and as I reread them now, I relive the experience again. However, as "creative" non-fiction, it has its embellishments, but it does give an amusing, and well written picture. We were lucky that our project dates overlapped at McMurdo, as it takes a minimum of two people to set up a field camp. We got along very well, working all day, exploring out on the ice during good weather days. After work, we made a big deal of dinner, cooking up something from the mostly freeze dried supplies, a few fresh things that keep well, like garlic and onions. We collected ice to melt for water. It was a simple life, writing, painting, and living out in the wilderness, and brings back fond memories.

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