Monday, August 18, 2008

Murmansk to Berents Sea

We boarded the ship at Murmansk, the Russian port in the northwest part of Russia, close to Finland, after a flight of an hour and a half. It is an important port for fishing and shipping, and is also where the Atomflot is located, a high security area where they keep their several nuclear powered icebreakers.

Passing through the town, we stopped at the impressive statue, Alyosha, built in 1974 of a Russian soldier of World War II, which overlooks the whole port city of Murmansk. Those are people in the lower right... yes, it's about 42 meters high.

Soon we were headed into the Berents Sea straight into a storm, spending a day in a rolling sea, heading north.

Finally, we were plowing through some first year sea ice and came upon the sight of Franz Josef Land, a group of Russian Islands half way between Murmansk and the North Pole.

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