Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Looking through all the watercolors I've done over the years, I sometimes come across ones that bring me back to the moment I did them.

One small one in particular caught my attention. I did it on one of those many days when the Marco Polo was docked in Ushuaia for a day and a half between Antarctic cruises. I was inspired by not the main part of town, but the outskirts, as seen from the dock, with its mountainous backdrop. I spent so many days there over the years, going for walks, enjoying the sight of green things ... trees and grass, and colorful lupine and poppies in gardens. As much as I love Antarctica, after immersion in that icy landscape, I appreciate all the more the lush green luxury of warmer climes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucia, just viewed your latest blog entries and particularly liked the Ushuaia painting. It gives such an accurate picture of the town, huddled under all those mountains. It is one of the images I, too, have from our cruise. I also liked the one you did of the emperor penguin we were all fortunate to see on the January cruise. Appreciate the creative reminders!

Linda willis

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this one. Ushuaia will always remain one of my favorite travel memories. I saw it change over the years, but it retained its friendly, frontier-town sort of feel.

Frances M